Horror Unheeded

Til Death Do Us, Part III

Octri 16th

Settling down for a short break, the group was attacked by a large group of skeletons heading down the halls. Another lengthy battle later, the party slits up again. Some remained to watch over Lucian while he prepared a few of his catalysts, while the others decided to try and open a steel door previously encountered.

The steel door had no latch, keyhole, or handle. The levers located in the room with the pit traps where thought to be tied to this door, following the written riddle found in one of the pits: “Three to open, but be quick, for the door stays open for just a tik.” Unfortunately, the party was unable to get the steel door open while flipping the levers.

Before rejoining the rest of the group, the three lever operators were ambushed by another group of skeletons. Yelling for help, the three held off the skeletons long enough for help to arrive. Some of the party sustained injuries from the vicious attacks, but they worked together to remove the skeletal threat. The party retreated to another room to heal up.



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