Horror Unheeded

Til Death Do Us, Part II

Octri 15th

About midday the following day, the group noticed trees thinning and green grass leading toward a lake, Gray Lake. As the group moved toward the lake, they heard movement back at the treeline. An armored warrior and another man wearing chain stumbled into the clearing. They introduced themselves as Duntar and Lucian Darkstone, citizens of Fallen Towers. The party accepted their offer to join, moving on toward the lake.

A dead body of a man was found laying along the shore of the lake. The group determined the man died from the poisonous bite of a large-mawed creature. Not far from the body, a masterwork short sword and a pouch containing recently-minted coins with the likeness Prince Gavrick of Lindonham-on-Seawood were found. The clothing of the dead man revealed him to be from a large city, not from a small town like Fallen Towers. They traveled on until nightfall, pitching camp in a good location.

The next day, the party recognized the trees becoming older and gnarled. A cold rain began to fall, making their travel a chilly one. They ventured finally to Serpent Gorge, a deep ravine with the crypt at its bottom. After slipping and sliding down the muddy slope, the group reached the base of the ravine. Several horses and ponies laid dead outside a stone archway leading into the ravine face. Moving to the heavy open doors inside the archway, the party stepped into a room full of carnage. Blood, bodies, and bones welcomed the first party members. A distant wailing is heard, mixed with the sound of bones creaking and cracking as skeletal forms rose to attack the party.

After a lengthy battle against the risen bones, the party moved toward the sound of the echoing wails. They entered into a trapped room, full of pits layered with pillows along the bottom of each one. The party also noticed switches, 3 in all. Never understanding their purpose, the party gave up on the switches and blew up the exit door with Lucian Darkstone’s bombs. The bombs shook the crypt, and their fiery blasts destroyed the door.

The location of the wails became evident, coming from behind a nearby heavy wooden door. Attempts to open the door met with crossbow bolts flying toward those making the attempt, flying over heads and sticking into the door. Behind the door was Roldare, the town’s cobbler and one of the elders sent to setup the crypt. He demonstrated his addled mind, manic and psychotic from the witnessed slaughter of his friends and capture of his sister by the walking dead. After offering to find his sister, Dimira, Roldare gave his masterwork light crossbow to the party.

Moving further into the crypt, the party encountered a large beetle, but they dispatched it with only slight injury. While most of the party took a break for their adventuring, Jerris Linron and Duntar decided to move off by themselves. They wandered into a smoky room. Moving slowly into the fumy chamber, a shadowy figure materialized and attack them. One icy touch drained Jerris of his strength. Yelling for help, Jerris and Duntar held off the shadow until the rest of the group arrived. Fleeing from Lucian’s bombs, the shadow passed into a nearby cavern wall. The party took this time to put out the blaze in the center of the room, finding a scorched key and a undamaged magical dagger with a shield emblem engraved in its hilt.



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