Horror Unheeded

Til Death Do Us, Part I

Octri 14th

The group woke up the next day, beginning preparations for the journey to the crypt. At midday, the party made their way to the center of town for the send-off ceremony. Mayor DeFarge provided the party with a map to the crypt and a cart of supplies. Leaving the town’s gates, the party headed along the well-worn path into the surrounding forest, Greenpatch.

After a few hours of walking, the group noticed a large log fallen across the path. A loud warcry met the group, as a band of orcs leapt over the log to charge. The party met them head on, but a few of the party noticed shimmering images in place of the orcs: illusions. The group proceeded to convince each other of the illusionary orcs, except for Haban Uthrukul Dush-zhar├╝mu. The dwarf continued to mow through the shimmering images, bellowing dwarven curses and challenges. Convinced of his fighting superiority, Haban mumbled his disdain for his teammates and their lack of efforts.

Continuing down the path, led by Haban’s survival skills, the party decided to make camp. Pitching tents and digging fire pits, the group settled in for the evening. Howls from nearby invaded the camp. With a few successful traps, the party persuaded the pack of wolves to seek other sources of food. The rest of the night passed uneventfully.



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