A nation of majestically green rolling hillocks and flowing plains, Thridin lies along the eastern shores of Mira. Thridie’ coasts are gently sloping beaches of white, fine sand. Beautifully blue rivers run through the countryside, gracefully emptying into the eastern ocean. The land’s mild climate enhances the magical perfection of Thridin.

Thridin’s people are warm and inviting. They are peaceful and jovial, and they enjoy friendship, both new and old. Governed by a laissez faire doctrine, Thridie’ enjoy their freedoms and laxities. Travelers to Thridin are sure to encounter a festival or holiday, possibly several. No shortage of potables and pipeweed, these festivities encourage even the most gloomy of guests to smile and laugh. These celebrations always include a smoke-shaping contest; pipers, as they’re called, use secret mixtures and strains of pipeweeds to form astonishing and animated shapes from their smoke.

Thridin and its opulent countryside produce the best wines and pipeweed in all Mira. Thridie’ vineyards are legendary, and their tobacco plantations support most of Mira’s pipeweed demands. The most famous wines are Buckleberry, Brightwater, and Feywine. The list of pipeweeds is immense, but the favorites are Wizard’s Fire, Fungo’s Fuzzy Leaf, Dragonsbreath, and Old Toby (repeated winner of the prestigious, Best Pipeweed of the Year award at Canal-along-the-Hillock’s annual Pipeweed Festival).

King: Thomas James
Capital: Rianitte (Large City, Population 19,000)
Major Cities: Chaney, Trussl, Vaden, Canal-along-the-Hillock
Regional Language: Thridie’
Notable Locations: Pipeweed Festival,Verdeur Forest, Greenfields

Land Mass: 18,000 sq miles
Population: 200,000 inhabitants
Racial Distribution: 44% Human, 40% Hobbit, 14% Elf, 2% Other
Geography: Rolling hills and plains, gentle coastlines
Agriculture: Tobacco, grapes, corn, wheat, cattle, sheep, horses
Primary Exports: Wine, pipeweed, corn, wheat


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