The Provinces of Thresh'kha

The Provinces of Thresh’kha, or Kingdom of the Trade Lords, is probably the wealthiest of the known kingdoms. Ruled by the mysterious Consortium of Commerce, Thresh’kha controls and manipulates trade between the seven realms. The Consortium of Commerce, enforced by their several baronies, imposes stiff tariffs on any foreign traders passing through their nation; most of these traders elect to trade with a “Dolina”—or Consortium broker—inside Thresh’kha to avoid these tremendous fees of traveling through. By dominating trade, the Consortium of Commerce controls prices on much of the goods traded within the seven kingdoms.

Although Consortium merchants trade in all forms of products, the main exports of the Kingdom of the Trade Lords are various foodstuffs. Thresh’kha is a fertile land; rich soil and plentiful rainfall produce bountiful harvests of potatoes, corn, squash, apples, and oranges. Farmland and orchards gives way to pastures and grazing land as one travels north; cattle and sheep add meat and dairy to those commodities traded. The most popular of Thresh’khan commodities are the Thresh’khan peppers, but the “Lemon Drop” pepper is king. Named for their bright yellow color and tart flavor, these piquant peppers adorn the tables of nobility throughout the realms.

The Consortium of Commerce hoards much of the wealth generated by controlling trade, but some is spent on building roads throughout its kingdom and to foreign capitals. Thresh’kha boasts of building roads from its seat of power, Auranul, to every foreign capital, with only slight monetary aid from the other kingdoms.

These road crews are accompanied by Thresh’khan soldiers, another preferred expense of the Consortium of Commerce. Thresh’kha advertises having the largest military among the seven realms; when not accompanying road crews and local caravans, these soldiers maintain the borders and patrol for smugglers. Few unwanted visitors enter Thresh’kha without an “interview” with a Thresh’khan patrol.

These patrols tolerate travelers, but few non-human visitors are respectfully received. Patrols exact a “travel toll” from all visitors, but few non-humans can afford the additional “surcharge” added because of their race. Once travelers reach a village or town within Thresh’kha, continued “surcharges” are added to goods and services purchased by non-humans. Magic also is disagreeable to the Thresh’khan citizens and the Consortium of Commerce. Few shopkeepers and merchants will do business with a known practitioner of magic. Additionally, Thresh’khan citizens do not openly worship any God; open praise and proclamation of any God is frowned on by citizen and Consortium alike. Religion is tolerated if it is quietly worshipped and if it produces revenue for the realm.

The Thresh’khans are an extremely benevolent people, if a profit can be made by being so. The people of Thresh’kha revere coin and status; from the lowly fieldworker to the regional trade baron, every citizen works hard to improve their station. Thresh’khans spend most of their waking hours working, and their dress personifies their professions; an observer can identify a Thresh’khan’s station by studying their dress. Thresh’khans also believe themselves shrewd businessmen, and most are; the only “deals” found within the borders of Thresh’kha are of the dishonest variety.

Ruling Counsel: The Consortium of Commerce
Capital: Auranul (Fortified City & Castle, Population 10,900
Major Cities: Civvale, Deyville, Frace, Roahin, Walen

Regional Language: Merchant’s Tongue

Notable Locations: The Seller’s Market

Land Mass: 22,214 sq miles

Population: 336,500 inhabitants
Racial Distribution: 96% Human, 4% Other

Geography: Primarily plains. hills to the north.

Agriculture: Corn, potatoes, fruit, vegetables, cattle, sheep, dairy, peppers

Primary Exports: Peppers, foodstuffs, and whatever is imported from the neighboring kingdoms

The Provinces of Thresh'kha

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