The Kingdom of Arranon

Arranon, the land of ruins and catacombs nestles under the shadow of a massive mountain range called World’s Edge. This range spans the entire western portion of the continent. Arranon itself is a beautiful collection of mountains, hills, forests, and meadowlands. Rivers run off from the mountains through the landscape; during the rainy season, occasional flooding is commonplace. When not overflowing, these liquid highways bustle with activity.

Travelers will notice humans, hobbits, and dwarves buzzing about city and countryside; small, pocket elven communities exist within the Arranon forests, but these are few. The dwarven communities tend to congregate around small outposts running along the base of World’s Edge; none actually live within the mountains themselves, if the rumors are to be believed. Arranon dwarves consider themselves part of the people of Arranon; they do not isolate themselves as the Jaipis dwarves do. Do not take their kind and friendly demeanor for granted; a dwarf never forgets a wrong done to him or his clan.

The hobbits, on the other hand, are large, nomadic, gypsy-like families that travel between cities and villages. Named the “Rudies” or the “Rudes” by humans, these hobbits sell all manner of hand-crafted trinkets, medicinal remedies, and occasional rarities. They call themselves Rudirick’s People or Redfeet; most all are crowned with red hair of various tints, and all have bright orangish, red hair on the tops of their feet. Rudirick’s People are proud and loyal, and they are quick to defend their own.

Human settlements are widespread throughout Arranon; cities, towns, and villages dot the landscape. Arranonians accept most races and religions without much more than curiosity. Arranon has become a haven for those of different races and beliefs, and this diversity has increased the people’s tolerance. Each village, town, and city has its own local government; these officials range from the small village constable to the big city minister, lord, duke, or even the King himself.

Rumor has it that Wizard Kings have ruled Arranon for hundreds of years. Magic is accepted and studied within Arranon; the Academy of Magic is a vast complex of buildings and fields within the capital city of Arracas. Many pilgrims journey to the Academy’s gates, but few find their way past the Tests of Magus, Doctrina, and Sensus. Whether a student of the Academy or not, all practitioners of the magical arts are required to register with a local emissary of the Academy of Magic or the local magistrate. All non-registered magicians practicing their craft privately or publicly are subject to fine and/or imprisonment.

Another site of interest is the City of Mysteries. The City of Mysteries is its own sovereign nation, having its own formal government named the Mystic Council. Initially a small gathering place for truth-seekers, this location has grown into a small city of cantons, each designated to its own path of enlightenment. Anyone questing for answers may find what they seek here, but not all will like what they discover.

Arranon is not only known for its institutions. Ales and meads have brought fame to Arranon. Wizard’s Ale and Mudfoot Mead are two of the most famous beverages; within the walls of the City of Mysteries, the Canton of Flame produce their Stout of the Pyre: a wickedly spicy beverage with a powerful punch. Barleys, ryes, and hops are major crops in Arranon; cattle, sheep, and potatoes are other major crops. Arranon exports a variety of resources and produce. Their famous meads and ales flow into neighboring realms, along with beef, wool, butter, and potatoes. Coal, iron, copper, stone, and lumber also are exported.

King: Gavran Riecce II

Capital: Arracas (Castle, Population ?)
Major Cities: Canador, Darrowin, Kanna, Lindonham-on-Seawood, Myssa, & Yungston

Regional Language: Cercillian

Notable Locations: Academy of Magic & City of Mysteries

Land Mass: 30,116 sq miles

Population: 312,000 inhabitants

Racial Distribution: 62% Human, 18% Dwarf, 10% Hobbit, 5% Elf, 5% Other
Geography: World’s Edge mountain range along western border. Forests dot the western regions. Hills and meadowlands make up the majority of landscape. Several rivers run through into Thresh’kha. 

Agriculture: Cattle, sheep, barley, rye, hops, potatoes

Primary Exports: Ales, meads, beef, wool, lumber, coal, iron, copper, stone, butter

The Kingdom of Arranon

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