Gaulla is a brutal land of swamps, bogs, and marshes. Mostly created by the runoff from the violent Feroh-zeem Jae-teloo River, these cold wetlands cover most of Gaulla. Woods and mosses yield to the sogginess. Submersed creatures lie in wait for unwary passersby. Monstrous insects crawl and whir in search of food and nests. Intelligent plants slosh for warm-blooded prey.

A true Gaullan respects his country’s wetlands, and he knows of their dangers. Descendants of the warring barbarians of old, Gaullans venture into the quagmire for food and medicine. Their villages are little more than tribal communities. Each community follows a powerful warlord. A few of these warlords have united towns and villages under their rule. An extremely superstitious people, the Gaullans have few practitioners of Majik. Those few tend to follow the shamanic path, and most gain respect and fear from their fellow Gaullans; some command as warlords, controlling many tribes. War between tribes is common, and communities are razed and rebuilt.

Most of the Gaullan people live along the coastal regions, free from the soggy, inland wetlands. Naval skirmishes between warlords are not uncommon, and many foreign naval traders have met their watery doom from bloodthirsty Gaullan pirates. Barbaric by blood and barbaric by action, Gaullans find peace in battle and solace in strength.

Masters of the sea, the Gaullans operate several coastal trading ports. When not raping, pillaging, and razing, the Gaullans find time to trade with their neighboring nations. Shellfish, fish, peat, and rare herbs find their way onto merchant ships heading to foreign ports. Rare giant lizard hides from the swamps are prized among leatherworkers, and they fetch a high price. The rarest of products, ships from Gaullan shipwrights are the prize of any seafaring trader. Few are made for foreigners, and few have equals on the sea.

Ruler: Many rival warlords

Capital: None official

Major Cities: Port Slevil, Gaerdin (Bay), Nortgrad
Regional Language: Gaullic

Notable Locations: Tree-on-Rock, Gífrfen (Trollfens), Ívidiafen (Witches Bog)

Land Mass: 19,285 sq miles

Population: 190,000 inhabitants

Racial Distribution: 78% Human, 22% Other

Geography: Swamps, bogs, more swamps, and coastline
Agriculture: Fishing and trapping

Primary Exports: Fish, shellfish, peat, hides, rare herbs


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