Fallen Towers

Fallen Towers is a large town within the Barony of Wiledale in the Kingdom of Arranon. In the foothills of World’s Edge along the Hillock River, Fallen Towers enjoys trade with the nearby dwarven outposts and the downriver farms. Fallen Tower tradesmen produce quality work with the local ore, lumber, and hides.

The town was named after and founded near a set of ancient runes, a pair of grand towers fallen long ago. Originally a waystation that catered to rugged explorers and brave adventurers, the village has grown into a large town. Relic hunters continue to explore the visible ruins, along with other nearby ruins.

Repeated discoveries have brought notoriety to the area, and attention from the Royal Court has increased. Fallen Towers has a local branch of the Guild of Adventurers, and an emissary of the baron has recently been appointed to the town. Baron Victor Grae, the new baron has vowed to bring law and stability to a previously unruly and disorderly territory.

The preceding baron, Baron Reginold Mortain died while hunting deer in a nearby forest, Greenpatch. Not always popular with his subjects because of his lack of support for the smaller merchants, Baron Mortain will be missed by few. No foul play was discovered regarding Baron Mortain’s death, but whispers can occasionally be heard by passersby concerning corruption and chicanery.

Fallen Towers

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