Robert DeFarge

Innkeeper of the Doomed Adventurer's Guesthouse


Jolly and personable, Robert is clearly the master of the house. When he is present, the party livens and the drinks flow. His inn tends to all manner of patrons, both local and foreign. Robert’s inn is the largest in town, and its history makes it the most famous in town.

Above all he believes the food should be hot, the ale should flow, and there should always be a comfortable bed (preferably with a cute lass) at the end of every night.


The descendent of one of the original founders of Fallen Towers, Robert DeFarge is proprietor of the original tavern set up by an ancient artifact-hunting party called the Doomed Adventurers. His family has acted as mayors, sheriffs, and judges for the community since it began as a small waystation for camped relic hunters. Robert holds the offices of mayor and judge to this day, while his cousin, Jacob Werts, holds the office of sheriff.

Robert DeFarge

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