Felix Long



Felix Long is an expert in growing herbs and mixing concoctions. Grayed and gaunt, Felix welcomes all who enter his shop. He is old with paper-thin skin, and his mumblings are sometimes mistaken for senility. He moves with a slow, methodical hobble. A hustling customer tends to become an impatient customer in Felix’s shop, but Ol’ Long will eventually come through.

His passion for his profession is obvious when observing him in his garden; his deliberate and painstaking techniques are hard to ignore. Each plant and herb is his friend, and he can be seen conversing with them while tending to their needs.


Ol’ Long has a vast knowledge of various herbal ointments. Although many of the superstitious within town have labeled Ol’ Long as a snake oil peddler, few townsfolk ignore his proffered concoctions when suffering from an ailment. His teas and treatments can cure most conditions.

Felix Long has lived in Fallen Towers for the last 10 years. He speaks little of his past, and what little he does share tends to be camouflaged in mumbles.

Felix Long

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