Baroness Jessica Grae

Baroness of Wiledale


Austere and spoiled, Baroness Jessica Grae surrounds herself with pampering and indulgent servants. Baroness Grae is rarely seen with less than 10 hovering sycophants and attendants. Always prim and civilized, the Baroness requires constant attention.

With Baron Grae’s demanding position, the Baroness sees to the upkeep and running of the estate. Baron Grae’s frequent visits to the Royal Court provide the Baroness with ample freedom to make changes to estate protocol and estate personnel, which she enjoys.

After 4 years of marriage, the Baroness has yet to provide an heir for the Baron. Few openly joke about the Baroness’ frigid demeanor.


The Baroness comes for the House Mowbray, a powerful and influential royal line. Her family holds positions on the Royal Court at various levels: Earls, Barons, and Dukes. Her great grandfather, Baron Willem Mowbray lead repelling forces against the usurper, Duke Fredrick O’Shay. Baron Mowbray was slain at the hands of Duke O’Shay but not before subjecting the Duke to a crippling wound, allowing for the Duke’s capture and eventual hanging.

Baroness Jessica Grae

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