Baron Victor Grae

Baron of Wiledale


A fair and just ruler, Baron Victor Grae currently presides over the Barony of Wiledale. This barony includes Fallen Towers and several other cities and towns. He is concerned with the welfare and safety of his barony and works to ensure its peace and progress. Although the Baron will occasionally patrol the cities and towns within his barony, he often leaves these trips to his emissaries.

The Baron’s nobility is rumored to trace back to the early days of the Kingdom of Arranon. The Grae noble crest, a gray eagle on a golden background, has adorned many famous battle heroes throughout history. The Ode to Commander Syd Grae is still sung by bards throughout the land, commemorating his selfless and triumphant leadership during the Battle ’tween the Rivers.

Baron Victor Grae is a decorated war hero as well. During the recent Belast incursion, Baron Grae lead a victorious charge against the Ice Queen’s hobgoblins. His forces drove the routed bestial army back through the Blue Pass.


A recent loss of favor with the Royal Court cost Baron Victor Grae the large Barony of Waterford. His lands and holdings were reduced, and he was moved to the outer Barony of Wiledale, known to harbor unruly adventurers and treasure hunters. Rumors fly regarding his recent discipline. One item remains common through most conjectures; Baron Grae bloodied the son of a nobleman for attacking a commoner. The commoner’s name is unknown, as well as the reason for Baron Grae’s intervention.

Coming to terms with his new position, the Baron is determined to bring order to the area. He plans on making it a thriving center for trade and exploration. His leadership has gained the respect of most of his subjects.

Baron Victor Grae

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