Horror Unheeded

Party Preparations

Octri 13th

All of Arranon know of the Saint Rudirick’s Day Festival in Fallen Towers, and some within other nations know of it as well. Travelers from near and far venture to this large town during the famous harvest-time festival, tripling or quadrupling the town’s population for the week long activities. Merchants, craftsmen, nobles, and peasants come for the parties and the profits.

Arriving a couple weeks early to the festival are our adventurers:

Jerris Linron – A large, dark-haired man from Jaipis. His massive build insinuates of a warrior, but his utilitarian belt of numerous tools points more toward an engineer.

Haban Uthrukul Dush-zhar├╝mu – A Jaipis dwarf with tanned, weathered skin. At home in the wild, his survival skills bring him closer to his goal: redemption.

Agatha Og’nan – A raven-haired young woman from the highlands of Jaipis with a war-torn tomcat named Nunda. Her proud walk demands respect from those she encounters, and her vicious feline helps to encourage that respect.

Marakata – A stunning, exotic, tanned beauty from Roenok with golden hair. Her mannerisms hold warmth for the worthy, and her emerald eyes shine with uncommon knowledge.

Ioneth – A dark skinned elf from subterranean depths in Thridin. Her silent bow and deadly focus send arrows speeding to their targets.

Vorfindir – A slightly tanned wood elf from Arranon. His studies at the Academy of Magic have honed his arcane skills, giving his spells elemental force.

Jerris, Haban, Agatha, Marakata, and Ioneth came to town traveling with a merchant caravan from City of Mysteries. They quickly made their way into town after asking the caravan master for advice on the different inns in town. Jerris and Haban decided on the economical Come On Inn, while the other three decided on the popular Doomed Adventurer’s Guesthouse (also known as Tower’s Tavern).

As the three entered the tavern, they overheard the inn’s proprietor arguing with a noble about private accommodations for the upcoming boxing tournament. As the noble stormed out, he slammed shoulders against Agatha, looked her up and down with scorn, and proceeded out the door without a word of apology. Muttering a curse under her breath, Agatha sent her traveling companion Nunda after the noble, to aid him in his travels along the streets.

After shaking off his frustration over the visiting noble, Robert DeFarge, the innkeeper and mayor of Fallen Towers, offered our travel-weary group food and drink. The innkeeper and his staff set plates and mugs in front of the party. After getting their fill, the group noticed the mayor eyeing them, sizing them up. He approached and mentioned the town’s recent plight: the town’s upcoming Everflame ceremony has run into a slight snag.

He explained how the Everflame ceremony, held in memory of the town’s founder Ekat Kassen, is a coming-of-age test choreographed by elders of the town. The elders recently sent to dress the Crypt of the Everflame are overdue, failing to return. The mayor asked the party for help, to go in place of the selected town young men and women, check on the safety of the elders, and retrieve the Everflame for the town. After negotiations for room and board, the party agreed to help.


The sudden population boost prompts the Chamber of Commerce to scribe a message on the town gates: No Admittance Except on Party Business.

Party Preparations

I imagine Jerris always carrying all his gear is looked at as strange. Especially as there is so much of it and it clearly doesn’t bother him at all.

Party Preparations

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