A Brief History

Several thousand years have passed since the last great civilization of man, elf, dwarf, and hobbit thrived and fell. Ancient scrolls have been discovered for sages to delve, and age-old tunes have been passed down for bards to sing, but little is truly known of this lost era. What minute, common knowledge of this forgotten time has been compiled here for all to see.

History speaks of a fantastic and flourishing civilization that existed eons ago, before what is called The Breaking. Adepts manipulated monstrous forces of Majik, and magnificent relics of unimaginable power were as common as pipeweed in the pocket of a hobbit. Great learning centers for Majik and other disciples—such as the arts, philosophy, and science—dotted the countryside; these hubs of learning were open to all races.

Unfathomable discoveries and inventions occurred, pushing this lost civilization to greater heights. Savants introduced new technology as created magical relics, an art now long lost. Common practitioners often used Majik devices for storing arcane and divine energies to be released when needed or desired. Magical tomes recorded histories without the need for ink and pen; merely speaking aloud would stir the book into its ghost writing. Massive statues lived without taking a breath, obeying their creators without question or concern. Life was often simple, and people were at peace. It was truly a golden era.

Few sages agree on how this era met its demise. Some suggest great wars between races over magical power. Others suggest barbaric hordes lead by powerful shamans from across the oceans and from the northern wastelands caught each race unawares, destroying all within their path. Some tales tell of elven greed and their perversion of Majik, corrupting and destroying the ancient world. Other legends point to human opportunists burglarizing mighty artifacts beyond their control, unleashing devastation upon the land. Different myths circulate that suggest dwarven clans, in their avarice for more ore and gems, unleashed an ancient evil by digging to the Hells at the center of the world. Some folklore implies offended deities punished their insolent followers by obliterating cities, villages, and towns.

Regardless of the true cause, destructive forces induced mountains to rise, oceans to recede, and rivers to flood. Sages call this period of destruction The Breaking. Communities, kingdoms, governments, and nations fell, regardless of race. Each race looked to their own for security, banding together in small cliques. These groups rarely grew larger than small hamlets. Unchallenged, nature grew wildly, and vicious creatures proliferated.

The previous epoch of amazing discoveries and technologies was lost. Recorded history ceased for generations, leaving little account of obvious struggles after The Breaking. The earliest histories chronicling the period after The Breaking describe the attacks of barbaric tribes from the northern and eastern territories now known as Belast and Gaulla. Astronomical analysis determined these histories are from approximately 2000 years ago. Few other historical accounts have surfaced from this time, but all depict battles against marauding barbarians and savage beasts. One important historical document written within the last 500 years recounts the overthrowing of a barbarian ruler named Tkaumuk the Terrible. Human and dwarven armies succeeded in routing Tkaumuk’s forces back to his encampment located in what is now considered northeastern Gaulla. Tkaumuk was defeated and killed, and the remaining barbarians either escaped back across the ocean or fled into hiding within the swamps or icy wastelands. This symbolized the end of barbaric supremacy.

Once the barbarians were no longer a continued threat, communities began to grow. Human settlements began to unite into regions and then into nations. Eventually the realms we know today were born, but not without several feudal and civil wars. Racial tension eased, and racial cooperation increased. After thousands of years, a new age of peace descended on the lands.

Continued research and exploration of the time before The Breaking have uncovered hints and myths of a glorious past. The relics and artifacts discovered among the ruins of this past, golden era demonstrate lost, great power. Each realm’s government covets the power these relics contain, and each realm’s government actively seeks more of these ancient relics. Their existence still puzzle even the most masterful magi. The past still remains mysterious, and its technology still remains lost.

Adai Keillen, Master Scholar and Researcher